Where should Gta 6 take place?

GTA 6 Concept Art

Right now, Grand Theft Auto fans know they can look forward to GTA5 on the PS5, along with a new, updated version of Grand Theft Auto Online, but many fans are likely more interested in Grand Theft Auto 6.

Although the developer hasn’t officially confirmed GTA 6’s location, or even if GTA 6 truly is in development, there have been multiple reports from credible sources which have said so, and given the near-seven years it’s been since Grand Theft Auto 5 originally released, players can’t be faulted for expecting a sequel in the near future.

Vice City

Rumors surfaced online that the franchise may be heading back to a familiar city with the next installment in the franchise. Vice City, undeniably, has a lot of nostalgic value and has been proven right in entertainment time and time again. ‘Nostalgia trumps everything.’ GTA Vice City is still considered one of the most beloved titles in the series, and the city itself has a lot to do with it.

Vice City is the only location in the GTA universe that Rockstar hasn’t gone back, apart from Vice City Stories on the PSP/PS2. In contrast, other cities such as Liberty City and the state of San Andreas have been expanded in the later games after their introduction.

Other Areas

By utilizing next-gen technology, it’s entirely possible the next entry in the Grand Theft Auto franchise could take place in multiple locations. While there are a number of rumors about GTA 6 which point to the game taking place in both Vice City and the surrounding area, it would be much more interesting for players if they were allowed to explore multiple smaller cities without the need for expansive landscapes between these locations.

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