GTA Online: What is Rockstar doing right now?

GTA Online Heist Poster

In The PS5 Reveal Event Rockstar Games announced a surprise GTA V re-releasing on next-gen consoles instead of a new Grand Theft Auto game. Fans were doomed!

The news brought disappointment as fans were waiting for the next GTA title (GTA 6) instead of the same game with the new tag line “Expanded and Enhanced”

So what exactly is this Expanded and Enhanced GTA Online? Is it really better than the previous version or just a minor update? Rockstar could be working to improve the game’s experience on next-gen consoles and with this new version i.e re-release hopefully, we will see major improvements.

There are so many things we can expect in this new Expanded and Enhanced and some of them could be –

1. Better frame-rate

As the game is nearly two generations old Rockstar could be working to bring backward compatibility and improving the games performance by optimizing it for next gen consoles to bring out max performance and higher frame rates.

2. Bigger heists

One of the reason why GTA Online is loved by the players in the Heist that the player can do with other players. Heists are at the core of GTA Online, they are the game’s stand-in for end-content, being among the most difficult and most lucrative activities you can do. Heists require teamwork, coordination and skill, and completing them successfully will reward you accordingly.

Hopefully the heists update will bring more extreme missions and new vehicles.

3. Reduced load times

It takes an enormous amount of time for loading a match or the game world in Free Roam or Online mode which really sucks. Rockstar could be working to fix that as well by improving matchmaking for GTA Online and other behind the scene updates.

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