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The Official page of Mafia: definitive edition says –


The city of Lost Heaven got hit hard by The Great Depression, and the advent of Prohibition in America means lucrative business opportunities for mobsters. The Salieri and Morello crime families vie for control over Lost Heaven, even as its few honest policemen scramble to maintain order.

It’s a tale of crime loyalty love and betrayal and the developers have taken the time to flush out certain things in the plot that felt more brief in the old game kind of making the story have more of a well-rounded feel.

Our View on it

Mafia Definitive Edition today this is a remake of the original mafia game that started the series way back in 2002. i was very very much a fan of that game and was really looking forward to this despite you know some reservations about the original studio not making it the studio behind mafia 3 is still despite mafia definitive edition kind of sounding like some sort of re-release game of the year edition this is a ground up remake taking the elements of the original game and representing and retelling them with modern graphics and modern video game.

Can be i’m glad That it feels old in a good way ?

I think they kept the original game intact enough for this to be an enjoyable refreshing trip down memory lane with some new and exciting stuff and a good old dash of nostalgia it’s worth checking out if you’re a mafia fan you know it doesn’t recreate everything as perfectly as you would imagine and some of the charm is missing here and there but i still had fun playing through tommy’s adventure and that’s the main goal right

The game

The game takes place in the fictional city of lost heaven in the 1930s it’s modeled as a chicago inspired setting i’d say honestly with like a dash of san francisco in there too but it’s very much a chicagoy 1930s prohibition depression era tale you play as tommy angelo just kind of like a regular generic chicago i mean like lost heaven guy who is a cab driver who one day suddenly gets wrapped up in the dealings of one of the local crime families and then the rest is history you know if you’ve seen any mafia movie just so you know uh all the footage here is only the first half of the game and i i’ve kept the story stuff down to just the early stuff to avoid spoilers this is a single player narrative story game first and foremost it’s a game with lots of good cutscenes and really interesting story.

Unfortunately, they ditched the original voice actors I kind of like the original Tommy and I miss him here but they’ve all been replaced with actors using their voice, uh their likeness, and motion capture for a lot of the scenes and they do a really good job you know it takes a tale that has a lot of stuff you may have seen in some movies but gives it an all-new layer of like subtlety here and more realistic character stuff than the original game did like just from how characters are to how they look how they act how they speak down to the more harder more Chicago style accents which might be jarring to some people.

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