How Accurate GTA 5 Leaks Were Before Its Launch?

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Grand Theft Auto 5 was highly anticipated by fans of the action-adventure franchise, as it was already very successful, and gamers were looking forward to what Rockstar Games could come up with on newer video game consoles. In 2021, GTA 5 is now the best-selling entertainment product of all time, and it’s showing no signs of slowing down. Sales show how anticipated it was and how popular it continues to be. Like many other AAA titles, it was at the center of several different leaks and rumors did the rounds frequently. How many of those, if any, turned out to be true?

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 The main protagonist leak

Before Grand Theft Auto 5 was even announced, one of the major rumors circling the internet was related to the main protagonist. Rumors suggested that for the fifth main series game, gamers would be playing as a rookie cop which would have broken the tradition of playing a criminal character. This tended to be a divisive report, with some players finding it hard to believe that Rockstar would break away from this custom, and some believed it to be somewhat credible. When it was revealed, the gaming world saw that this was untrue, and instead, fans were treated to 3 playable characters.

The Map Leak

A large amount of the leaks concerned themselves with supposed maps, as rumors surrounding the location of the new Grand Theft Auto were among the most popular. Every major GTA city had been rumored at some point before its release, from Vice City to Liberty City, and everywhere in-between. Map leaks were showing up online frequently, and ultimately none of them turned out to be accurate, despite some legitimate-looking pieces. 

Further gossip speculated that the map would be gigantic and that the city of Los Santos would be larger than Grand Theft Auto 4’s entire map. There was a lot of anticipation for seeing GTA on new consoles and some fans were hoping to see an impressive map to really push that limit. While Rockstar Games didn’t create a space as massive as some players hoped but it was quite satisfactory.

Leaks that later beacame true

The information found among the leaks for the most part would end up being false, except for a few key details. Earlier reports from 2011, 2 years before GTA 5 launched, turned out to be somewhat accurate when it came to the location and a new game-changing mechanic, multiple protagonists. Interestingly, one of the earlier pieces of gossip surrounding the game turned out to be accurate, despite having no “leaked” imagery associated with it. Los Santos was rumored as the setting as early as 2011 and this turned out to be true, though there were no supposed leaked maps that came with this information at the time. As many gamers have seen, GTA 5 did go on to feature multiple playable characters.

Grand Theft Auto 6: Release date, map size & setting 

One thing to note, however, before we divulge any further, is that Rockstar are notoriously known for keeping their cards close to their chest. So, these ‘leaks’ for now at least fall into the heavy rumour category.

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Details of the GTAVI 4chan leaker AMA that got taken down

All the details from the GTAVI 4chan leaker AMA that got taken down

Saw that a lot of people missed out on the 4chan AMA since it got taken down (kinda sus), but decided to gather everything they said about the game there and compile it into a list

  • Chapter system similar RDR2 and the first 2 chapters set in the late 1970s
  • October 2023 Targeted
  • One male protagonist (codenamed Ricardo which was leaked previously). The name of the protagonist is a spoiler in itself which can potentially spoil the narrative and the leaker also said beware of future leakers who might spoil the name of the protagonist.
  • The map covers Miami/Florida and a smaller map that appears in limited interaction (similar to Guarma in RDR2)
  • The leaker claims that Dan Houser left because he exhausted himself after RDR2 crunch, could return in the future
  • Main story set to be about 60 hours long
  • GTAO counterpart to release a few months after the single-player counterpart release. (Something similar to what they did with RDR2 and Red Dead Online)
  • The leaker claims that it is the best story ever put in a GTA game but not quite emotional as RDR2.
  • The mission structure supposed to be quite free.
  • The Map is smaller than RDR2 but way dense. (This seems to be the biggest red flag regarding the credibility of the leaker but considering that the game spans multiple decades, it makes sense if they decided to pack it more or another possibility could be something like The Witcher 3 where there are multiple maps of different locations)
  • Minigames include Surfing, Windsurfing and Roller Derby
  • RDR1 is technically being “remastered” and coming before GTAVI
  • One thing to note is that when someone asked to leak something very specific which can be used to see the credibility of the leak in the future, the leaker says, “You meet Ken Rosenberg and he mentions Tommy Vercetti several times although you never actually meet Tommy.”
  • The example of the improved AI design according to the leaker was “You may see NPCs beeping their horn and driving aggressively around other drivers because they’re late for work.”
  • The “family” from GTAIV mentioned and Love Fist are involved in missions and side missions.
  • Direct contact with explosions can blow off limbs, you can leave deep cuts on people with a machete and close combat shooting can result in bone fragmentation
  • Nudity level similar to Cyberpunk
  • Developers impressed with Sony and the load times are surprisingly good for a game of this size and detail. They are also using the haptics from Dualsense for the game.
  • Consoles being prioritized so the PC version releasing later on after optimization.
  • Body form alteration can happen like in San Andreas but not as dramatic. People will comment on your apparel choices.
  • The online going to be grounded for the release. (Not like current GTAO where there’s flying cars and shit)
  • RDR2 also getting a next-gen patch that doesn’t overhaul the graphics but delivers better loading times and locked 60fps.
  • Female protagonist was contemplated around 2017 but was not finalized because it doesn’t fit with GTA’s narrative.
  • The age of the protagonist is supposed to be 34 by the end of the game. (What I think here is that maybe you play as the father of the protagonist during the 1970s part of the game and then as the protagonist in the modern-day counterpart.
  • The main character is a white male, roughly 6’1″ and has a “sun-kissed” Tan. Italian raised in America and has jet black hair.
  • Storms and weather effects are “genuinely insane”.
  • When someone asked if there is a remastered GTASA coming up, the leaker mentioned that “The anniversary is coming up, Right?”
  • Car customization improved upon from GTAV. Cars change with time, so does clothes and hairstyles. The older cars become less common with time and if someone sees you drive an old car, they might call it a piece of crap.
  • The leaker mentions that “The Mexican” from the previous leak is a very wealthy man who peddles Colombian marching powder.
  • The mafia is in the game but the leaker refused to share more details.
  • Liberty City has limited missions in the game. Mafia family’s influence is heavy there.
  • Pop and Rock have a huge part of the soundtrack. Pet Shop Boys have a few tracks in the game.
  • Dan wrote a rough idea for the game but hasn’t written a lot.
  • The game is “very politically incorrect.” according to the leaker.
  • The announcement can happen as early as spring 2022.

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